Every dress has its limits and specific occasion to wear it, some are meant to be formal and some are casual, but the only thing that can serve both is fashionable leggings. If you don’t know what legging is you are probably from another planet my friend? Leggings are stretchable and comfortable leg wear which has been in use from years and has never been exactly out of fashion. There are plenty of types of leggings that will serve you right and the best way possible.

Everyone has different physique and different body shape and style, so legging style also vary from simple to trendy. There is a range of fashionable leggings which are being used these Beauty days. The beauty of legging is that it serves the best for all women, as it is fitted to skin it helps to keep the body toned up. Comfortable and free to move will cause it to be more popular. There is a wide range of legging that is in use these days, from printed to studded they all are being worn and displayed by models.

First thing you need to keep in mind before buying a legging is that you size should be fit, neither tight nor loose will do the right fit. This is the first and most considerable thing, next is that the length should be more than your usual denims. As the denims are not linked to body and they don’t go to your grooves and body so they need less length. Besides leggings are also shrunken after a few wash so the length need to be more than desired by you. There is also another problem that is to choose the legging style that will suit you the best, as there is a range and variety to choose from.

There is a range of legging material as well, the material must Beauty not be too leathery or too thin, the medium material serves the best. Usually leggings are made up of jersey or any other stretch material; personally I prefer it because it is a fine choice. Another thing must be kept in mind that leggings must be washed after wearing them each time and they also store smell. They are not to be confused with trousers and jeans which last 2 to 3 wearing without any sign of wearing them. The nest thing to be kept in mind is that leggings should be worn with a top that is bottom long so that your booties are not open for display.

Out of studded and printed leggings it is hard to choose and both are well suited for women with heavy legs. Wearing simple legging is not a good idea for bulky women, as the print and studs distract the attention from your grooves and legs. Other leggings like sequin legging and ruffle legging are also suitable for all kind and size of women as they design avoid too much attention over your bulky parts.

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