Ladies! Summer time is so much work on one’s look isn’t it? You can’t do too much: you will probably melt in the heat. You don’t want to do too less: it gives you an unattended look. Keeping it minimalistic is the key. So beat the heat and look your best- get a new pair of flip flops today!


Can you not just feel your feet breathe a sigh of relief in flip flops? Excellent air flow throughout the foot makes you feel so light and airy; you will want to fly in the late evening cool Business summer breeze. Slip on a pair and go for a walk after sundown. Flip flop through the day and stay happy even after work. Put a pair on and go buy some tomatoes. So hipster, but so totally cool! And fresh feet, coz there’s not a drop of sweat doing its dirty job between your toes. No cramping of the toes like in a pump; no stabbing pain like what you get with stilettos; no sweaty feet like the jogging shoe you have. Relax and let the feet breathe.


Ladies flip flops have a much laid back, very comfortable style of their own. I’m yet to see a pair of flip flops looking wrong with a knee length skirt, or a pair of shorts or even harem pants for that matter! Pick up something in a lovely combination of bright colors and nude pastels. Like a Business berry red strap with a pastel yellow base. Or maybe something mauve with neon green straps. So pretty! I’ve been so tempted to buy the ones with chrome and fb logos on them and the strap has a little logo attached too. Ditto with the berries and chilies flip flops! They are crazy and cute too, both at the same time. They so go with the spirit of summer it will never be wrong, be it the beach or a late evening friends’ get together. Carefree and understated! Totally you!


I’ve never seen a flip flop give up on me just like that. Many a times I’ve been betrayed by my stilettos, or pumps or even flats for that matter. However, my sturdy old flip flops never snap into two in the most unlikely places. They are rubber, so you will have to give them away or throw them out of sheer frustration having used them for so long, never for breakage or damage. They will stay with you even if their prints fade and the colors go. Extremely good value for money footwear!

Health benefit

Flip flops accommodate to your foot type instead of stubbornly making your feet ache like the typical wedge or high heel shoe. Flip flops soothe the sole, are hard and soft enough for comfort and will never affect your spine. Wearing flip flops cannot give you pain in the calves. No need for that pasty smile while inside you want to scream for the pain your feet and toes are in. Look what you feel. Be comfortable and be healthy. All it takes is a flip flop.



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