There are many 2016 new men haircuts which look great only on the particular face shape. It is wise to select the hairstyle according to face shape because certain hairstyles make you look great and worse depending on your face shape. So, for this reason, hairstylists have introduced the recent cuts on the face shape such as oval, square, triangle and square.

Hairstyle according to face shape.

To help and make you understand better, find the most suitable and best hairstyle for yourself. Findout your face shape before selecting the hairstyle.

Oval face shape

Just remember that if you have anovalface, then your forehead will be greater in measurement than your jawline. The jawlines will be round. Men with oval face shape can do many experiments with the haircuts, but the best, and suitable hairstyle is the shorter cut. However, side parting cut also looks very flattering. Avoid fringe and long bangs.

Square face shape

If you have a square face shape, then your jawline will be the strongest feature. You can try the clean haircuts as well as longer styles. However, the classic styles look amazing especially the side parting, short layers, and close fades.

Round face shape

Men hairstyle according to face shape is tough to select. People with round face doesnot have any visible angles and line, so top pompadour and quaff haircuts emphasize the features. Avoiding the fringy cut is good. To make your appearance more define men with round face have to add texture to their haircuts.

So try the suitable hairstyles and stand out your appearance.



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