Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere, gained notoriety when her Internet based company became an instant hit with young people all over the world. Ms. Deere has been recognized as one of today’s top female entrepreneurs. She talks about her her passion for creativity and her journey to the top in an online interview. Although Doe Deere describes herself as always having had an ambitious soul, she didn’t really think about going into business until she was older. As a young teen in her native country of Russia, Ms. Deere had her first taste of success when she sold rub-on tattoos to her friends and schoolmates.
As a young adult living in the United States, Ms. Deere focused her creativity on music. Not only did Doe Deere’s time in a band lead her to meet the man she would later marry, but she also learned a lot about successful cooperation within the business world. She and her husband worked together in creating songs for the band as well as in promoting it. She also happened to live in New York City during the time she was in the band, so she generally associates her early years in the United States with living in the New York City area.

Words of Inspiration

When asked about what her line of cosmetics means to her, Doe Deere says it represents freedom of expression. She created her innovative line of makeup products in the hope that other women would feel confident about expressing their own individuality without being judged. Before starting her Lime Crime makeup business Ms. Deere had attended a fashion institute in New York, where she majored in fashion design. She believes that fashion, hair and makeup all work together to create the total image of a person. This belief is exemplified in her own sense of artistic expression, which is seen in the bold color choices she uses for her own hair, makeup and attire.

Doe Deere often provides inspirational advice to other women looking to succeed in their own business ventures. She adamantly believes people should follow what they are passionate about. In her case, she always had a passion for bold colors that made the kind of statement she wanted to express. She was surprised to find that other women also wanted to use bold colors to express their own unique personalities, which is what made her makeup company so successful. Ms. Deere is often quoted as saying “go where you love”, which to her means getting in touch with the inner passions that make people excited about what they do.

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