Indubitably, the flower girl will be the second most beautiful, and the first cutest girl on the wedding, no matter what she wears and how she accessories. But the little princess should get all the help she deserves so she would feel and look as adorable as she can. Besides the dress, what makes an outfit is accessory. There are few indispensable accessories you’ll want to acquire for your flower barer.

Just like a princess

All little girls love when their hair is adorned with headpieces. It makes them feel special and like princesses. And what little girl wouldn’t like to look like princes? Imagine the Beauty happiness on a face of your flower girl when you put a tiara on her head. That’s precious. And it will look great with a classical flower girl dress. If classical doesn’t go well with the style of your ceremony, think about the fresh and lovely solution of flowers in her hair. A colorful bow would create a charming contrast with the white dress (if you choose a white one). If none of this options isn’t appealing for you and your flower girl, you can always opt for traditional ribbons and hair garlands.

The most important accessory of all

Crucial accessories for every flower girl are flower baskets. It is the one thing a flower girl can’t make an appearance without. The main task of a flower girl is to bring her basket and sprinkle the flower petals, and that’s why this accessory should be chosen thoughtfully. When picking Beauty out the right basket consider your wedding style and the flower girl’s age and dress. For a younger girl, choose a smaller basket so she could carry it with no problem.

Comfy, yet beautiful

For your little princess to be able to walk down the aisle like an angel, the most important is to find her a comfortable pair of shoes. If that is not the case, especially when it comes to younger girls, they will reasonably, complain, and be unhappy during the ceremony, which will affect on the overall mood. So it’s better to stop that before it happens, by buying a pair of comfortable flats that will look nice with the dress. For extra cuteness, choose flats with bows or glitters.

And there is more

As for jewelry, an inconspicuous bracelet will be enough, and the same goes with a necklace with some small pendant. If your flower girl is wearing gloves, there is no need for bracelets. A simple couple of earrings will be sufficient accessory. An important thing to be kept in mind are the possible weather changes, so it would be great to have a knit, a cardigan or a brocade bolero jacket for your flower girl.

Don’t overdo it

Considering that flower girl dress is usually conspicuous enough, there is no call for over accessorizing. Yes, the dress should be striking, and yes the accessories should be adorable, but in the end, the girl should be at the center of attention. Keep the accessories subtle, in order to achieve charming and chic look. Minimal accessorizing is important also so the girl wouldn’t feel discomfort at any moment because she has too much jewelry and other trinkets. A happy and smiling face will be her greatest ornament.

At the end, a reminder: you should show your flower girl how much you appreciate her role on your big day. A nice way to do that is to take her shopping when choosing her dress and accessories.



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