In ancient times, people are not known about this, but nowadays its popularity becomes increases among people. They are using eyelash extension during parties, function etc. These are not harmful for eye. Some of the great benefits of eyelash extension are as follow:

When it comes to talk about eyelashes, it increases the beauty of the people. Sometimes, they like to use eyelash extension. These eyelash extensions are made by different materials. These are so soft and can easily attach with natural eyelashes by the help of glue partially or permanently.

Easily attached on natural eyelash

It is very easy process to attach the eyelash extensions on natural eyelash. Firstly, lie down on a comfortable place. After this, close your eyes for a while and technician can easily attach the eyelash extension. Many saloons are providing these extensions for the people. Now you can easily get these extensions at saloons.

Different kinds of eyelash extensions

There are many kinds of eyelashes extensions on the base length, design and material. Some of major types are as under:

  • Length of eyelash extension

Most of people think that these extensions are permanent and can’t be unattached. It is wrong concept. You can easily use eyelash extension according to your choice either partial or permanent even you can choose length of extension according to your choice. The normal length use by people is 10-12mm.

  • Design of eyelash extension

There are many designs of eyelash extensions is providing by the saloons. These designs are made on the base of curl. The most famous designs are “J” and “C”. “J” curl is looking natural and “C” is looking dramatic. According to the custom, people are using “J” curl in inner corners while “C” corners on the sides of the eye. It makes look just like cat.

  • Different types of material

Eyelash extensions are made of different types of materials. Some are so cheap and some are expensive as well. It is totally up to the people that which can be afford by them.  Some major types of materials are as:

  1. Faux Mink
  2. Silk
  3. Real Mink
  4. Faux Fox
  5. Real Human Hear

Precautions for long use

If you care your extensions, it is useable and remain same for long time. Some precautions are essential for this purpose. You should safe your eyelashes from water. You can also keep the oily products far away from your extensions. This is the best way for safety of extensions otherwise you will have to go to saloons after 2-3 week for touch up or changing.

Makeup proof

Mostly people are not known about use of extensions. They are facing great problem while makeup. When you want to use makeup, make sure that it is oil proof because oily liquid products are harmful for extensions. Sometime people are not using the oily makeup but they are using oily removers. It is also damaging for extensions. It should be your responsibility that carefully remove the liner or shadow by using oil proof removers.


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