Emerald cut diamond rings are gaining popularity as wedding rings. It would not be wrong to say that you just can’t go wrong with this cut. There are good reasons for wearing these diamonds. They feature long lines with spectacular sparks of light with beauty that is almost unparalleled.

It’s not that emerald cut diamonds have the same shape – they can vary, from more square to more rectangular. They can be worn as gorgeous engagement rings or Home even as solitaire rings. Another unique characteristic to this cut is that they are more open than square or round cuts. This means that any flaws are more conspicuous.

The good thing about this type of wedding rings is that they are not as common as their round and princess cut counterparts, they are not as expensive. So you can look more unique on your wedding without spending lots of cash.

So it’s extremely important to consider all these factors before you get your emerald cut diamond ring!


Emerald cut diamonds are considered to be highly versatile – more than other styles. This is because they look great on different types of stones. Besides, you could style them in almost any design – think of pave baguette, side or any other stones.

Sapphire and emerald have traditionally been the most popular stones that were used with the emerald cut. But there is a growing trend to experiment with pure Home diamonds too. If you are thinking of something more affordable, you can also choose stones like ruby, aquamarine or citrine in this style.


The emerald cut has tapered edges that make if more secure. There is no chance that they could get caught up with anything or chip away. Besides, these wedding rings look great on almost all types of hands and fingers. They can however look even better if you have long and slender fingers.


A unique advantage to emerald cut diamond rings calgary is that they are relatively cheaper than other diamond cuts. In fact, they can cost you almost half as a round cut. This also means that you could get a larger-carat diamond ring in this cut compared to others for a smaller budget. Who wouldn’t want to wear a larger ring on her wedding without spending more money?

Larger Surface Area

Emerald cut gives a shallow depth and larger surface area to the diamond. This makes it look larger than its other counterparts. Compare a 1 carat round cut stone with a 1 carat emerald cut diamond and you can easily see the difference. In this case, most of the diamond’s body is cut in a way to increase its frontal area.

Another advantage of choosing this cut style is that you could wear multiple emerald diamonds closely together. You could also mix and match the ring with an emerald cut wedding band. Or you may a band with a number of smaller emerald-cut stones.

The emerald-cut may be typical to the emerald stone itself but a growing number of brides can be seen wearing the diamond-cut style with other stones too. It can be worn independently and looks elegant on its own or you may pair it with a band. Overall, this style is a great choice because it’s affordable, looks larger, and is highly versatile.

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