Throughout history, women of the Orient have held an almost mystical aura of beauty, the elegance of their demure fashion sense; the delicacy of their bone structure; and the smoothness of their porcelain skin. What’s not to admire, and maybe covet?

Millions of women are born with natural Asian beauty – but what to do when you’d like to share that look, too?  There are so many makeup tutorial videos and articles on the web now, all varying in styles. Whether it’s in a beauty blog or within makeup reviews, you can much find them almost anywhere. One of the most popular looks in Asian beauty is Korean makeup.

Korean makeup has gained an almost overnight popularity, it would seem, and is only getting bigger with the passing time. BB creams, specialty foundations, eyeshadow, and eyeliners, and especially skin moisturizing products are in very high demand right now because of this. Beauty sites, beauty stores, drug stores, and various other places that carry makeup are now trying to keep these items in stock at all times due to growing demand.

Like most things, the secrets of Korean makeup have been handed down from mother to daughter, but also like most things, the Internet has made those secrets available to almost anyone.  Due to the popularity of Korean makeup, many beauty blogs have recently added tutorials to help you get that perfect, secret look. Makeup reviews have also become high demand with so many people sharing their experience in using these products.

While makeup in general has been popular for centuries, Korean makeup has become big in various parts of the world, not simply restricted to one small portion of it.  Hollywood starlets, the rich and famous, as well as the girl next door have the capability of achieving just the right flush looking cheeks, bushy brows, and wholesomely fresh skin.  This trend has also given a lot of knowledge to those taking interest, because while learning about the makeup they also learn of the culture behind it. With this knowledge of the culture, the product and techniques, almost anyone can achieve the flawless look of Jamie Chung, Margaret Cho, Yoon Jim Kim or Kim Tae Hee.

While makeup and fashion trends change quite frequently, the seemingly simple beauty and age old elegance of Korean makeup is timeless. Therefore, its popularity will most likely be around forever.


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