Tattoo design have always been and is mainly associated to emotional people who wanted to have an impact and want to be prominent. But it has not been restricted only to them, many people get to have tattoos to express their love, emotions and their passion for something they want. Many people also get tattoos to look funky and different. Tattoo designing is the difficult part, as people get confused about tattoo design ideas and the result they get after it has been tattooed. A hundred of ideas are surfing on the internet and they not only are just to show emotions but many tattoos are meaningful as well, they help you to know about the personality and nature of the person.

Tattoo Design Ideas:

These are some common and funky ideas that you could chose to enhance your body features. Tattoo designing is for men and women and not restricted to any particular age group or body part.

  • Zodiac Sign Tattoo: these tattoos are used to represents one’s zodiac sign or any particular property associated to it.
  • Ankle, Foot, Wrist and Lower Back Tattoos: these tattoos represents the cute tattoos like flower, alphabets and any particular design to enhance the particular part.
  • Animal tattoos: many animals and birds are used to represent power, peace, strength and freedom. Tiger represents overcoming weakness, swallow represents freedom, lion represents power, butterfly shoes the soul, dolphin represents intelligenceand fish represents luck.
  • Next we have mythological creatures such as dragons, fairy tattoo, phoenix and kokopelli
  • Other we have mermaid, henna, heart, flower, eagle, cross, biochemical, ambigram, anchor and 3D tattoos.

There are 1000 other tattoo design ideas floating on internet. Choose the one that suits you the most.


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