Women of today have learned to combine fashion with professionalism or sexiness or both. With the many types of fashion statements, women aim for one main goal: to look classy and sexy. Thigh high stockings have been in the fashion world for a long time, adding a touch of elegance and sexiness to the women who wear it. Over the years, it has innovated into many types, designs and uses to project the fashion statement of the woman wearing it. It is either worn as an additional body adornment for your outfit or it can be worn as a seductive tease during your private time with your partner.


Wearing stockings is not just a quick stop and go like you think. Before wearing stockings, here are some things that you need to remember so your legs can get the best benefits and you will look perfect in wearing them:

Clean your legs first. When wearing stockings, you Beauty are going to highlight your legs. Since most types of stockings are see-through, any excessive leg hair will be visible. So it is advisable that you trim down or shave your leg hair to avoid them from sticking out from your stockings.
Put on cream or lotion when wearing stockings. The materials used for stockings are mostly fabric than can be itchy for the skin. Applying lotion or cream can prevent itchiness and therefore avoid redness of the skin around your legs.
When putting on the stockings, roll them up instead of pulling them up. The materials used for stockings are fragile and can easily be torn when pulled. The fabric may run and Beauty the material may break.
There are many styles of fabric and materials used for stockings. Mainly, there are two types –

Hold upstockings use silicone or spandex material that tightens around the thigh area and holds up on its own.
Suspender belt stockings use suspenders that are attached to lingerie or panties to keep them in place. These types of stockings are sexier and more sensual, worn mostly to show it rather than its real purpose.
Thigh high stockings are in the “in” for fashion today that it can be worn with just about any type of fashion statement. But with the different types of stockings, you will have to know how to pair them with the right clothes as well. Here are some fashion tips when wearing thigh high stockings before you buy some or go shopping online:

Wearing a thigh-length sun dress paired with leather boots will look more chic and trendy when added with thigh high opaque stockings.
Out for a day in the mall or coffee with your friends? One size bigger shirts tucked into your high-waist shorts, thigh-length cardigan and ankle length boots – add a touch of fashion by wearing thigh high stockings to complete a casual rock chick look.
Level up your business casual attire with your sweater blouse, a flowy skirt and your thigh high black stockings to make you look smart and chic at the same time.
Complete your goth look by pulling an all black wardrobe with black opaque thigh high stockings.
Oversized sweaters, boots and thigh high stockings while walking around town will make heads turn on your sexy and chic look.
Of course, last but definitely not the least, complete your date night attire by wearing sheer or satin thighhigh stockings as part of your lingerie for an intimate and memorable night.
Basically, thigh high stockings are worn to highlight, accentuate and flaunt your legs. If you have long and lean legs, wearing thigh high stockings can make them look even longer and flawless. If you have short legs, thigh high stockings can compress your legs and make them look longer and lean. Therefore, having thigh high stockings in your wardrobe is definitely a must-do.

Reference:: www.affordableweddingdresses.net/


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