When you invite guests to your wedding and they travel long distances to be there on your big day, the least you can do is give them a small token of gratitude. These tokens are called wedding favors, and they are also meant to commemorate your big day. There are thousands of different wedding favor options that have become popular over the years, and you’re probably familiar with many of them Technology from weddings that you’ve attended in the past. However, many couples want something unique and unexpected for their guests, and that can be a bit more challenging than going with a typical option.

Fortunately, I’ve done a lot of research and came up with a few wedding favors that you’ve probably never considered. Some of them aren’t going to be practical in every situation or may not be your particular style, but even if you don’t like one or all of them they should get you thinking about wedding favors that you don’t see every day.


One of the coolest and most unexpected wedding favors that I’ve ever received was a compass with a message inscribed in the lid. The inscription read “may your heart always lead you home” and it was written inside of an etched heart shape. Other than that, it was a completely normal and functional compass that I always keep in my glove compartment of my Jeep in case I get lost or want it for a hike. That’s the true benchmark of a great wedding favor; being practical and useful in a variety of everyday scenarios.


One of the coolest wedding favors I’ve ever personally Tech received was a postcard that had gone around the world with several different postmarks on it. The couple had written a personal message relevant to the recipient on each one and had a company they found online send them to several locations around the world before having them shipped back home. It was really cool to hold something in your hands that had been so many places, and it was a great analogy for how limitless your love can truly be. Best of all, it looks really cool when you put it in a frame on your desk at work, and it’s a great ice breaker with new business clients.

Wedding Sparklers

Another cool idea that I’ve been seeing pop up at weddings are sparklers at each guest’ spot. There are all sorts of cool uses for sparklers at a wedding, but the two most common uses are for during the couple’s exit at the end of the reception or during photographs to write symbols, numbers, or words in the air. Wedding sparklers are incredibly inexpensive to purchase, they make your reception more entertaining for the guests, and they also get people involved more in the celebration.

As you can see from these examples, there are many more options for wedding favors besides candles, customized glasses, and bottle openers. Don’t be afraid to do something unique and unusual to make your wedding special, because the perfect wedding favors for your big day might be something you’ve never considered before.

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