Human hair extensions are one of the most sought after resources in the world, and the hair that is used for them can also be found and sourced all over the world. As human hair is obivously such a scarce and valuable resource in most countries it cannot be found very often in the UK. Most people would not give up their hair to sell them to be made for extensions and therefore you can only get them from certain places in order to acquire the human hair. Without this it would feel extremely wrong to do so and this is the reason why hair extensions are still around and so popular today from being able to source them ethically and keep those that you get them from happy.

The majority of hair extensions are actually sourced in India. The population is extremely high and there are plenty of those that are in poverty aswell which means that Travel they are going to be willing to part with their hair to get money for them. However, something that is less well known about these people that shave their heads to be used for extensions dont actually do so with the initial intentions of trying to sell them.

It is actually common practice in India for people to sacrifice their hair willingly to greater powers that a lot of people don’t understand or can’t contemplate at all. This may initially seem unconventional but a lot of people from different countries around the world aren’t Hindus. It is a religion that is pretty exclusive to those that live in these sorts of areas and the reason why India is such a great place to go.

Essentially the part of the Hindu religion that dictates the removal of hair is to do with an annual sacrifice to Vishnu who is one of their many dietys. This is in order to effectively buy themselves the right to a good harvest in the year, and with this they should be able to last throughout the year according to their beliefs. However, those that source hair extensions believe that they should also get some sort of superior reward for this devotion to their religion, and so it is common practice for hair extension companies Travel to give them money for their extensions. It means that even if there is a problem with the sacrifice that they give and they don’t get any yield from it that they are going to reap are something from it at least. The extensions themselves will be acquired by the companies that purchase the hair and those that sell them will be happy with their result aswell. Because they are paid for an is a part of their religion anyway this ultimately means that you can’t say that they aren’t ethically sourced, and so you can feel good in the knowledge that there will always be ethically sourced human hair extensions with Inanch Salon.



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