If wedding was an important celebration for you then it is worth re-celebrating it. A wedding anniversary seems very much like shared birthday. It must be a memorable occasion. It is a day to rethink the past years commitments and set new commitments for the optimistic development of your marriage.


Marriage anniversary – may it be 1st or 50th is a day to thank one another for –

Joys experienced
Love extended
Care given
Services rendered
Comfort given
Hopes shared
Acceptance of weaknesses and strengths
Feelings expressed
Promises delivered
Wedding anniversary is the best time to appraise how the couple take care of each other’s needs. It can be looked as an annual report that shows profits and losses of marriage Health relationship in the past year. It is a perfect moment to lay down new goals to strengthen the relationship.

Some couples plan a big party or go on a vacation tour, while others desire to make it simple in a private way. It does not matter how anniversary is celebrated but love quotes are ideal because they are love words expressed from your heart. It can be any form either speech or cards.

Remember love needs to be nurtured because the couple has to fall in love with the spouse plenty of times to keep the sparks going on.

For her –

Shower her with cute anniversary messages and beautiful quotes.

It does not matter, if we agree or disagree, but what matters is ‘We love each other’ – Happy anniversary.
On this day, I made the right decision – to propose and get Beauty wedded to the most beautiful girl in this world. Happy anniversary!
For him –

Scribble a sweet quote on the bathroom mirror or post one on Facebook or write the best one on a beautiful happy anniversary card.

I love you because you make me feel happy. Happy anniversary!
Our marriage is a bumpy ride with lots of speed breakers, which has helped us to evade those problems and fly higher in sky. Happy anniversary!
For parents –

As parents, they deserve beautiful greetings for all the hard work and commitment they put in their marriage.

You are the best parents all kids wish to have, the best couple all lovers desire to be and pillars of support every families wish for. Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Your togetherness in ups and downs has defined the meaning of cooperation. Your tolerance for one another’s habits has displayed the importance of patience. Your support at the time of crisis taught us camaraderie. Your lives have taught us ways to live. Happy wedding anniversary.
If you are looking for an appropriate wording for anniversary quotes, just look online.

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