As men, we are hardwired to look for the best possible ways to save as much money as possible in every situation we come across. It’s sort of like how we oppose to ask for directions. That’s why we don’t mind buying off-brand groceries; we gorge ourselves on greasy fast food, and we buy cheap tools that will probably break on their first use. (Okay, you should probably try to avoid that last one.)

The Effect of Characteristics When Purchasing Clothing

It’s needless to say that this characteristic carries over to buying clothing, too. Our moms have criticised us over and over about the holes in our favourite tank top, and that bleach stain on our go-to pair of jeans. We will wear our clothing until we start mistaking ourselves for a homeless guy (or worse, a hipster) when we catch our reflection in a mirror.

But we can do better! We think, as men, we’re long overdue to start taking ZZ Top’s’ advice that was forever immortalised in “Sharp Dressed Man,” from nearly thirty-four years ago, because “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man.” and we know it. Also, we owe it to the people around us. They’re probably tired of counting the ketchup stains on our hoodie.

It Truly Is the Best Time to Update That Wardrobe

No time better than the present, right? No, we’re serious— now is the best time to buy clothing. We’re in the transitional period between summer and fall. During the past few days alone, we’ve seen more “men’s clothing sale” advertisements than we can count or remember. “Winter is coming,” as they say, and online retailers are trying to get the jump on the colder weather by discounting their winter-wear for the early-birds. So go pick up a nice jacket to keep yourself warm, since it’s only going to get increasingly more expensive!

Shopaholics will be happy to know that summer gear is also incredibly cheap around this time of year. After all, who in their right mind would buy a tank top right on the cusp of cold weather? The answer is us! We may not be able to wear it anywhere but indoors when we have the heater cranked, but we’ll be thanking ourselves next year when the warmer weather hits, and we have some tank tops that haven’t been doused in various foods that have missed our collective mouths, and didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

A quick glance at Google’s search trends for the phrase “men’s Shorts” tells us that you all plan on panicking right when July hits, and then you rush out to go buy some warm-weather-friendly apparel when it’s at its most expensive price. Now that’s just poor planning, and if men are anything, we’re good planners. Thinking ahead will legitimately save you a great deal of money if you buy your clothing during the offseason. Retailers know that you’re going to be dying of heat and in need of shorts, so they’ll jack up the price. Take advantage of the numerous online sales going on right now, and refresh your wardrobe. Your parents won’t think you’re a failure; you’ll finally get a job, and you’ll look sharp as hell, which is an additional positive.


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