Cost Savings Of Cabinet Refacing: Why Refacing Is An Efficient Solution For Homeowners


Has it been years since you gave your kitchen a facelift or a makeover? Owing to the pressing times, remodeling our homes has been placed at the bottom due to the tight budget and other financial needs. However, a new trend has surfaced providing homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the best things in life without spending more.

Many homeowners today have opted for a refacing solution as an efficient method in beautifying their kitchen. Cabinet refacing has gained momentum and homeowners are using this concept instead of completely removing the cabinets from their kitchen. The cost savings of cabinet refacing is more than enough to convince homeowners to try this method out.

What is Refacing and What Does It do?

Refacing is a process that does not remove the cabinets from your kitchen, but it upgrades and repairs your cabinet using various materials such as wood or paint. The process involves the replacement of doors, of handles and some parts of the cabinets. Often times, sanding the kitchen cabinet is needed as well as a preparatory procedure to bring back the beautiful design of your kitchen cabinets.

What is Cost Savings?

Refacing offers homeowners the chance to save more and reduce the expenses of revamping their kitchen. This is precisely the reason why the Cost savings of cabinet refacing has caught the attention of the homeowners. When we say cost savings, it is basically a positive outcome. Moreover, based on the word itself, cost savings is defined as an action or process that results in the fulfillment or completion of plans or goals at such a lower cost. This outcome is also made evident if you choose cabinet refacing instead of the traditional one.

If you want to totally remove the whole kitchen cabinets, you might be surprised of the financial load that could disrupt your budget. This is where cabinet refacing comes in. The expenses are not high and it would probably cost you half the price in comparison to a complete removal.

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

With cabinet refacing, you don’t have to purchase brand new cabinets, but you can still make it glamorous by refurbishing the other parts of the cabinets. You can get new doors, buy new drawer fronts and boxes and you can improve the hardware as well. If you want more beauty and additional designs, you can integrate valances, some moldings, and even veneers too.

Other Things to Consider

It is undeniable that cabinet refacing is an efficient process and less expensive as well. However, if your kitchen cabinets are way too old, this might not be the right time to opt for it. Before deciding, check your kitchen and the current condition of your cabinets because, at the latter part, it might be disadvantageous for you.

Remember, cabinet refacing is ideal for those who want to retain the layout of their kitchen. It is not suited for those who want the layout change. That is also another element that you have to consider in order to enjoy the full effect of the process. One way to get the best out of it is to seek professional help. It can save you money and it can save you nights of regrets for making the wrong decision.

Cabinet refacing is a cost-efficient solution for homeowners who want to give their kitchen a fresh look. Find out about cost savings of cabinet refacing at


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