When you are planning to have friends over to have some leisure time, then you have to make sure that you have the right setup and all the essential accessories to cater them. In the same way, when you are an owner of a bar or a restaurant you have to be perfect with the equipment and machinery. The right equipment is as important as cutlery and d├ęcor of the place.

Here we are going to discuss the importance of the right draft beer towers. These are the dispensers from which you pour out beer in a glass or mug at your bar. It might seem to be just like other beverage dispensers, but it is not. A beer dispenser has to be durable and easy to maintain. You do not want to risk the quality and look of the beer by going for some cheap draft beer equipment. It is not wise to pour out beer directly from bottles every time an order comes up; it is time-consuming and might be expensive on your end. Having a beer tower will help you reduce your production cost and maintain the quality of the beverage as well.

In a bar, when a customer comes up and asks for a mug of beer, he would want it to be freshly poured from the machine. There are cases where the bars did not have the draft beer towers and they had to serve beer bottles. No one wants to come up to a bar to drink from a bottle; they can do it at home as well. Customers come to a bar to enjoy the atmosphere and serving. It is a key point of marketing that personalized services have always been encouraged and increased the return of customers later as well.

Types of draft beer towers

There are different kinds of beer dispensers that you will find in the market and online stores. You have to go for the one which suits the commercial use and maintenance. Some of the types of draft beer towers that you will find online are as follows:

  • Standard draft beer towers
  • T-Towers
  • Double pedestal draft beer towers
  • European style draft beer towers
  • Ceramic draft beer towers
  • Black iron draft beer towers
  • Wall mounted draft beer towers
  • Wood barrel draft beer towers

All of the above-mentioned types of draft beer towers are of different prices ranges. You can choose as per your budget and requirement. You can also find tower parts on different websites, so if you have to replace any broken part you can do it on your own.

Cleaning and maintenance

On the other hand, such equipment needs proper cleaning and maintenance. The handles of the towers need careful handling so they do not break off soon. Although, beer is not a preferable drink on regular basis but still people enjoy beer to have some break from their hectic routines. Health standards have to be followed here as well. Make sure you buy from a well-reputed place that is offering after sales services as well. This will help in easy maintenance and cleaning of the machinery.


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