In past three years tourist have found about three dishes that are considered to be the most expensive dishes in Indian Cosine. Below is the showcase of all the three dishes in below article.

The Most Expensive Curry, Samundari Khazana

The Samundari Khazana (The Treasure of Sea) is known as one of the most expensive curry in India that is being served in many high rated hotels in Mumbai. The dish is a mixture of sea snails, high-quality lobsters, and the eatable gold that is making is worth expensive to eat. The dish costs you about USD 4000.

Most Expensive Chutney, the Chutney of Heroes 

Coming at 2nd number the chutney of Heroes is known as the India’s most expensive chutney. A single 190ml jar will cost you about USD 600. The chutney is a mixture of saffron and 23carot eatable gold. Instead of this, it contains a mixture of many spices that make it mouth watering and finger licking chutney.

The Most Expensive Butter Chicken

At number three the butter chicken seems to be less expensive than Samundari Khazana and Chutney. The dish is known as Anarkali Butter Chicken. The chefs spent almost two years making efforts to make the world’s most expensive butter chicken. The dish can be delivered at your doorstep in a ready-to-heat container.

There are plenty of top rated Indian Food restaurants that are providing wonderful and tasty food. You can visit them to have a change. Many places in India serve the best Biryani in the World.


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