It is great to lose weight but unfortunately, there are some side effects, which are inevitable part of it if you do not do it in a healthy manner. Getting rid of excess body weight also brings many health benefits; you will be more energetic and physically attractive. If you have lost big amount of weight in an unhealthy manner, you may face strange side effects. It is natural that the advantages of losing weight will overcome disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the possible side effects of weight loss. You will also find generic manufacturers in New Delhi of weight loss supplements, but it is imperative on your part to consult your physician before using it.


You may feel a sense of sadness even if you have achieved your weight loss goal. There was a study conducted in University College of London about the risk of depression with losing weight. This study went on for more than four years and approximately 2000 overweight adults took part in it. This study showed that participants who lost 5% of their body weight were likely to develop depression by 78%. This was in comparison with those who did not lose any weight. Similarly, people who are interested in losing weight fast, they encountered the same problem and because of which they feel discouraged and frustrated. An ideal solution to deal with this problem is to sleep properly and eat healthy balanced diet. You will not have mood swings if you are well nourished and well rested. In case, you are developing a tendency to isolate yourself from your friends because you have to burn calories in the gym. When you are hanging out and relishing food with your friends,you are counting calories. If you are overdoing it, this is the right time to consult a psychologist.

Lose and flabby skin

If you are not doing right exercises along with your dieting, then you are more likely to have cellulite. When you lose weight, your skin does not have elasticity to shrink back. This also depends on your age and how efficiently you were following your weight loss program. If you have this problem, then plastic surgery is the only solution to do away with extra skin. You need to do it only when you have lost big amount of weight. Otherwise in order to deal with skin sagging, you can opt for muscle building, this will tighten up your skin. You can also find out thegeneric manufacturers in New Delhi to purchase weight loss supplements.

Stomach pain and other problems

You may be surprised to know that how fast weight loss process will cause stomach pain. Many people ask me the same question and I define them that it contributes in the formation of gallstones. When you limit your calorie intake, the first thing you do is to stay away from fat. Elimination of fat from your daily diet will make your body not to use the content of your gallbladder. After some time the gallbladder liquid will become thick and the formation of stone begins. If this is the case with you, you are supposed to consult your physician at the earliest possible.


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