Most of the time fast food restaurants are rightly associated with having menus filled with gluten.  However, the growing popularity of a gluten-free diet has caught on with several fast food restaurants, which are starting to offer gluten-free menus.  This is great for people with gluten sensitivity, Crohn’s disease, or Celiac disease.

If you take a look at Burger King’s new menu items, they have a special menu with gluten-free items.  This is part of the Burger King campaign to provide more nutritious food on their menu.  Many of their salads, such as the Garden Fresh salad with Tendergrill chicken, is listed as gluten free.  You can take a look at the Burger King nutrition facts [pdf] and get the whole list of gluten-free items there.

Chick-fil-A provides one of the most comprehensive menus for nutrition and allergens out of any well-known chain restaurant in the United States.  The Chick-fil-A menu is full of items that are gluten free, including various salads (with or without chicken), breakfast items, kids foods, and even their waffle fries, which are cooked in a separate fryer.

Chipotle Mexican Grille is another restaurant with plenty of gluten free options.  Virtually everything on their menu, with the exception of the flour tortillas, is gluten free.  However, if you are extremely gluten sensitive, they recommend staying away from the corn salsa as well, since it may have been contaminated with trace amounts of gluten in transit to the restaurant.

Using the information above, it should be fairly easy for anyone to get a delicious, inexpensive, gluten-free meal.  It just takes doing a little homework and research first to pick the right menu items.


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