It’s a hard thing to do. It’s never easy to take a day off work. It’s a sad fact of reality that many work places seem to have forgotten that human beings will eventually get sick or suffer some sort of physical malady. It could be a simple cough that’s lingered for a few weeks or it could be something a little more serious. The fact of the matter is this: As human beings, we are going to have to deal with our health and that means that some days we will not be able to make it into the office. This also becomes more of an issue as we age. For somebody past their fifties, doctor’s visits can become a regular facet of life. It’s not so much that a person of that age wants to skip out on work to go party; it’s that they need to see the orthopedist to make sure that they aren’t going to need a knee replacement. In other words, for people past 50 these visits are more serious and mandatory.

This is where a doctor’s note can come to the rescue. Many younger employees with skirt may have the notion of going to get a note for their day off. They see it as a free pass to do whatever they want. Most workplaces have no- questions-asked sick days provided. Most of the younger employees will take advantage of these seemingly free days off to extend a long weekend or recover from a big Sunday brunch full of mimosas. Since many of the individuals taking advantage of their day off fail to get a note for their absence employers begin to trust them less. Employers and bosses are not stupid. Hopefully, most have got to their position by working hard and grinding out hours in the office (or field) to get to that point. They’ve been around the block a few times and can generally sniff out who is faking their sick days and who is actually sick or had a mandatory day out.

For people over 50, getting the note is necessary to distinguish yourself from your more lax co-workers, but prior notice is also important. By letting your employer or boss know about when you expect to be out they can better prepare. It also looks better than the guys in his early 30 are who somehow got “food poisoning” Thursday night but were bright and chipper come Monday morning.

Together, the combination of a doctor’s note and prior notice will ensure that you stay healthy and on your boss’s good side.


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