The Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the world to take a holiday. Its sandy white beaches, gorgeously glowing sun, and warm evening breezes it the perfect spot for holiday-makers. But the country’s treasures go beyond its stunning natural beauty. It also contains some of the most sought after surf in the region.

If you have ever thought about taking up surfing, now is your opportunity. You have chosen to take a vacation in one of the surfing capitals of the Western Hemisphere. Why not take advantage of that and try something new.

You need not worry about failing or hurting yourself. Even the most agile and competent surfers had to start somewhere. Your aim is to have fun, and to do that all you need is a little help. You can turn your vacation in the Dominican Republic into a Surf Holiday. Friendly, helpful, and courteous people with years of experience can help you.

Surfing is many things; it is fun and exciting, it is also an intense workout. Stretching is one of the things you must do before going into the water. Every practiced surfer knows this and does it. Surf camps in the Dominican Republic offer more than the run-of-the-mill stretching exercises. They offer yoga exercises before and after the surf.

If you have never done yoga or surfing, you need not worry; instruction in both will be offered. Yoga complements surfing perfectly. It aims to soothe and relax muscles. It also teaches you how to control your breathing and balance your mind. Surfing is physically demanding; it also requires some concentration. Doing yoga before you surf will prepare you for the rigors of the sport.

The calm, steady, warm waters of the Caribbean can serve as a soothing antidote to the built up strains of life. Taking a holiday break in the Dominican Republic provides an opportunity to dry one’s bones and clear one’s head. It is the perfect place for sun, fun, exercise, sightseeing and relaxation. Whether taking in the gentle waves that wash up on the shores of the island or taking a moment to watch as the summer sun slowly sets behind the waters of the sea, a vacation in the Dominican Republic is a true trip to paradise.

Making surf camp part of your stay will only enhance it. You will have the chance to add energetic movement and healthy exercise to the time you spend lying about the beach. You will be in the hands of experts who will help you master the fundamentals of both surfing and yoga.

If you have made the decision to book your vacation in the Dominican Republic and to make surf camp part of your stay, there are a few things you should do to prepare. As has already been said surfing is very demanding on the body. Even if you are in good shape the muscle groups required to surf may need to be warmed up a bit before you arrive. You should try to prepare these muscles a little rather than shocking them into action when you arrive—which can only lead to prolonged soreness and discomfort.

Do you want to turn a normal holiday into a Surf Holiday ? Try something new this summer. Learn the joys and pleasures of combining surfing and yoga


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