What’s Mind? Could it be area of the Brain? The mind has physical qualities which may be visualized, touched, handled and it is situated within the skull. How you can define your brain? Your brain is certainly not however a “bundle of desires, ideas, wants and anticipations”. As lengthy as one is alive, he’ll possess the ideas, desires, wants and anticipations. Which are constantly altering, minute to minute and daily. There are specific brain control techniques. What concerning the mind? It’s no physical dimensions. But there seems to become some type of relationship between your brain and also the mind. Once the mental abilities are non functional, (say once the brain activity is blocked by deep anesthesia or coma), your brain also doesn’t appear to operate.

But exactly how to manage the mind? How you can take control of your negative ideas and needs? Why there’s essential to manage the negative ideas and needs, therefore trying to manage your brain? As soon as you forget about your hands even slightly, the coiled spring jumps across a lot more intensely. Similarly, as soon as you relapse in suppressing your negative ideas and needs, they are available out strongly. The problem becomes from bad to worse. Because, the ideas and needs transform into words and words lead to actions. Whenever a person provides extensive negative ideas, it might cause him to stress, anxiety, depression, negative actions and violent behavior. There are specific mind control techniques / mind control methods broadly practiced, for example Suppression Technique and/or Episode Technique, for manipulating the mind. Within the Suppression Technique, you’re requested to suppress your negative ideas and needs and never to manifest them. But the truth is, your ideas and needs are just like coiled springs. The greater you suppress the coiled spring, the greater pressure is made on there.

Within the Episode Technique, you’re requested to allow your negative ideas with full pressure on view. Other techniques involve the strategy known as “still your brainInch and/or “be considered a witness for your ideas”. However for most of the people (including me), it’s very hard to practice in daily existence, as merely a couple of holy men / yogis can master they. If you’re angry with somebody, you’re requested to episode your anger, say before one or perhaps in a wide open park. When your episode has ended, you might temporarily feel comfortable. But ultimately, this method leads you to definitely the guilt feeling, which creates lots of negative ideas. It’s a vicious circle. These techniques employ negative techniques and therefore the relief becomes temporary, ultimately resulting in increasingly more negative ideas, stress, anxiety, cynicism and mental imbalances.


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