HEALTH: Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. To keep the body in good health is one’s duty, otherwise we shall not be able to cope with environmental stress and other factors around with lava bead diffuser bracelets.

YOGA: Having said about health, one must has to focus on ways to improve his lifestyle, and yoga is one of them. Meditation is a state where mind tries to attain deeper level of relaxation that relieve stress and keep the body lighter. Yoga is spiritual exercise which includes breath control and adopting specific body posture to attain comfort, hats what yoga is about.

TYPES: yoga has many types including hatha,ashtanga,bikram etc. beginners starts from hatha and keep going to higher level as they practice more.

BENEFITS: it keeps you away from stress and toxins. It Purifies mind and help coordinating nervous system and improve mental status. Blood flow increases to some parts of the body, tone up your muscles and nerves. Yoga has been proved helpful in lowering blood pressure, and other beneficial results in treating many diseases like diabetes obesity hypertension etc.

During yoga taking in and out oxygen in respiratory process is main thing. Nowadays yoga need to be practiced to improve lifestyle and health status, moreover if yoga is done regularly it may replace medication. That’s why meditation is better than medication. Yoga keeps one healthy, controls negative thoughts, connecting you with nature. For more information on buying any wellness or Aromatherapy products, please visit

Teaching strategy: yoga should not be practiced without the guidance of an expert teacher. There are centers in some towns and cities for teaching yoga. It is good to undergo training in the centers and then you can practice the yoga at home. Practice of the Yoga will do much good to the students. Schools can conduct Yoga classes for the students with the help of an expert. Noting all benefits of yoga, it’s worth mentioning that all educational institute or any other working place, gyms etc.  Must have separate arrangement for people to practice it like other activities going on daily life to help them attain good level of health.



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