The 5th limb of yoga is called ‘Pratyahara’. It’s a withdrawal of the senses. You may wonder how withdrawing from your senses can have any beneficial effects. It releases you from the bonds of the constant stimulus you get from normal everyday life.

You find yourself withdrawn into your mind, a sort of meeting with your ‘true’ self (Atman). The goal of pratyahara practice is to keep all external stimuli out of your awareness. This leads to deep meditation which dissolves the ego (this process is called ‘samadhi’).


Pratyahara is a yogic journey removing you from your behaviors of the outside world to a newer focus deep within. The goal is to gain knowledge concerning your ‘inner self’. In many ways it’s the total opposite of everything you’ve been taught since birth. You learn to find happiness from within rather from outside sources and influences.

This form of ‘self-study’ helps you to free yourself from the ego. This can only happen through attention, focus, flow, curiosity, and concentration. B.K.S. Iyenar states that your pratyahara practice must come from previous limbs, more specifically ‘pranayama’ and ‘asana’. This will still your sporadic mind. It’s true that meditation offers a deeper look inside but people all across the globe today are turning to Isolation tanks.

There are many new businesses popping up around Melbourne, Australia with float tanks for new adventurers. The water in these flotation devices is infused with Epsom salts and set at the same temperature as your skin. Users stay in the water anywhere from 90 minutes to a couple of hours.

While in the water you are weightless, surrounded in total darkness, and shut off from any outside noises. You are now in the theater of your own mind. Many people have very deep spiritual experiences and visions while in one of these float tanks.


These isolation Float Tanks are in Melbourne and are popping up all over Australia. Some of the benefits being claimed are –

– Increased Magnesium Absorption
– Heightened Senses
– Deep Meditation
– Super Learning
– Rejuvenation
– Increased Healing
– Pain Management
– Increased Endorphins

and more. Even if you decide to pass on using a flotation tank you should try to add practices into your daily routine that block out external stimuli. Exchange the normal everyday hum-drum for some real insight into your ‘true’ self. Grow and build on a deeper self-awareness and reap the benefits waiting there for you. We recommend a South Yarra Yoga Studio to get ready for your big float session.


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