Yoga is as important in an athletes’ life as winning the championship. There is no such thing as saying no to yoga when you are an athlete. An athlete has to have yoga as a part of its routine to make sure that his body and mind are well prepared for the exertion and exercise coming forward. Those, who do not have direct access to yoga instructors, we have good news for them. CoachTube is a platform which aims to give every athlete the access to knowledge, instruction, and motivation they need to make progress as an athlete and a student. They do so by providing online training through Yoga Video Courses, from the best coaches from all over the world.

CoachTube allows coaches to design online courses, through which they provide all sorts of technical support, tools and guidance to the users. By registering on CoachTube, you can target the specific audience and there is no hustle of buying expensive DVDs or searching for video clips on YouTube.

Online blog

They also have an online blog, where different sports are focused and athletes are guided accordingly. It is regularly updated, which means that the administration behind this website is keen to teach and guide through their Yoga Video Courses.

Terms and conditions

There is a defined set of terms and conditions which need to be followed by the users. The privacy policy is well elaborated and there are no hidden terms; both for the coach and athlete.

Courses offered

Following are few of the courses offered by CoachTube:

  • Gentle Semantic Yoga
  • Yin Yoga for Crossfit
  • Gwen’s Power Yoga for Sports
  • The Blissology Project
  • Intro to AcroYoga
  • 30 day Yoga Challenge Mini Course
  • Power Yoga for Athletes
  • Beginner’s Vinyasa Yoga
  • Core Training for Athletes

There are many other Yoga Video Courses, which are not only easy to approach but easy to follow as well.


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