There used to be a time when the world was eclipsed in violence, war and hatred. Throughout the centuries of humanity’s growth, people have learned to promote love and kindness over evils. The United Nations called for transformation, for tolerance between nations, for a culture of peace. Such events related to this manifesto take place around the world as a global movement, and one event in particular is drawing attention. The sole female Siddha master Yogmata Keiko Aikawa is holding a Yoga for Universal Peace event on October 28 in NY and October 30 in LA to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga in the community.

What does Yogmata mean?

Yog = yoga, and mata = mother. Therefore, Yogamata is indeed the mother of yoga.

And Here’s Why

Aikawa was born in Yamanashi, Japan on May 31st, 1945. Although she is the daughter of a once powerful politician, her greatest wish has always been to understand the human form and how to bring true happiness and peace of mind to those around her.

Since 15 years old, she has been a yogini. She even adopted a natural food diet around this time.

At 23 years old, Aikawa began teaching yoga. Garnering knowledge about business and education, she soon launched her own yoga method (Aikawa yoga) in 1972, followed by the Yoga & General Health Institute. Throughout her twenties, she instructed and supervised many yoga classes around Japan in places like the NHK Culture Center, Asahi Culture Center, Yomiuri Culture, Ikebukuro Community College, Tokyu Hands Department Stores and more.

Nearing her thirties, Aikawa ventured to China, Tibet and India to learn more about yoga and eastern medicinal practices. Then she obtained licenses in Psychotherapy, wrote books about yoga and managing health, as well as self-help. These ideas are featured in her first book titled Yoga Dance and Pranadi Yoga. 

In 1984, Pilot Baba, a prominent Himalayan Saint was invited to Japan to put on a program. Aikawa was offered the role of assisting Pilot Baba; and he was so impressed by her that he invited her to the Himalayas. It was there that she met with the Hari Baba, the Great Saint, and soon attained the highest echelon of Samadhi. Her training was rigorous, done at 5000-6000 metres above sea level in the Himalyanmountains. But ultimately, her diligence paid off, and she soon became the first and only non-Indian woman to transcend into a state of Oneness with the Godhead.

In the words of Yogmata, Samadhi is a “gateway to contentment.” Reached only through meditation, this highest level of being is the product of Emptiness and Consciousness, in which both are balanced, allowing energies from the universe to fill the body and mind.

1991 became the year of her first public Samadhi service. In 1992, Aikawa and Pilot Baba started the “World Peace Campaign” and began visiting the United States and Europe. January 2001 was another remarkable step for YogmataAikawa when she was asked to conduct her 14th Samadhi during the religious festival MahaKumbhMela at the holy site in Allahabad.

She has returned to this festival many times since then. Very recently, in May 2016, Aikawa marched with the saint’s parade to Ujjain as Mahamandaleshwar—the highest level of Hindu guardianship, the Supreme Master of the Universe.

Presently, Aikawa resides in Japan, overseeing her foundation, offering instruction and writing books.


The Event

On October 28th and 30th, 2016 in New York and Los Angeles, respectively, for the International Day of Yoga, there will be “Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace” event. This event is free of charge! Yogmata Keiko Aikawa is the keynote speaker and will take the stage with Dr. Valdemar Prado, Dada Maheshavarananda, UN diplomats and other respected authorities in yoga and worldwide peace.

Yoga, as many have come to know, does more than stretch the body. This event will look into the philosophical and psychological benefits of yoga, as well as the scientific research that has been conducted. Yogmata will be discussing the value of yoga when it comes to reaching Samadhi, happiness and with promoting humanitarianism.

Because these talks are attracting so much attention, there will be a live broadcast in the UN. Hopefully, Yogamata’s healing aura can emanate through TV screens—should you not be able to attend physically.

Location and Time for NY:

6:00-9:00 PM

United Nations Headquarters

ECOSOC Conference Room

Event information:

Or visit the YogaUNCP Twitter page for updates:


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